Sara Zagorski - Executive Assistant

Ever wonder who’s behind all the commotion that makes your promo magic possible? Well, wonder no further! It’s time you got to know the Name Brand family.

Meet Sara: She does a bunch of stuff. She makes sure we don’t spend all of our money on magic beans, as well as keep the employees and several aspects of the business in check.

1. What is your job title?

Really not entirely sure. [ha ha very funny, Sara]

2. What do like about working at NBP?

I’m very fond of the “start up” atmosphere. Far more relaxed than any of my previous jobs.

3. Do you have an office nickname?

Zags, Zaguar (like jaguar).

4. Any line from a favorite movie?

All my favorite movie quotes are currently from Deadpool, thus inappropriate.

5. If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast as you?

Woody Harrelson.

6. Which cartoon character would you most like to switch lives with?

Marceline the Vampire Queen.

7. What is your hidden talent?

I do a killer Russian Accent.

8. What kinds of hobbies/interests do you have outside of work?

Reading, writing, partying.

9. What TV show/movie are you ashamed to admit you love?

Not really embarrassed by anything, but I am ashamed that I’ve watched the entire Futurama series like 6 times.

10. What would people never guess that you do in your role?


12. Would you rather be a tiny elephant, or a giant hamster?

Tiny elephant.